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Before marriage and children, I looked like this:

Now I look like the lady with the bucket:

I'm so glad you have stopped by. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Barb and I am a freelance writer. I work at home as I am the mother of three children. My interests are many and I hope that you share some of those with me. Since I mentioned my writing first, I will tell you a little bit about what I have written.

I have had several articles published about NASA and former US astronauts. Inspiration for the articles came about after finding out that my thirteen year old daughter did not know who Neil Armstrong was. I believe that the American Space Program is an important part of our country's history. So I began researching and writing about the manned space flights from the '60's and '70's.

As you probably know by now, I am a big fan of America's Space Program. I have started a page for the US Astronauts and I will be adding links to sites about manned space travel. If you would like to take a peek at what I have done so far, please go to:


One of my other writing tasks has been something that I have had a lot of fun with. I have completed a novel based on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I quickly found out how competitive this particular field of writing is. I have been attempting to get a literary agent to review my book for possible representation. Whether or not the book ever gets as far as an agent's desk, is besides the point. I really enjoyed writing it and it was great practice for me to write fiction.

Visit My Writing Page for a list of my published articles and to read more about my Star Trek Novel. On that page, I have also put a list of writing links of interest to fellow writers.

As I have mentioned, I have three children. They are 14, 6, and 5. All of my kids enjoy writing. My oldest has had a poem published in an anthology book. My middle child wrote a story for a "Reading Rainbow" contest. And my youngest pretends he is Steve from "Blue's Clues" and he writes clues down in a little notebook. We are all avid readers, except my husband. He likes to tinker with the computer and he LOVES to download new things from the Internet. I am involved with a parent co-op preschool that my youngest attends. With my writing, researching, taking care of the kids and all that it involves, you would think I wouldn't have time to surf the net. But I do. I will be working on webpages with my children so if you have children perhaps they will find something of interest in common with mine.

Thank You Doc

I placed the above graphic here on my webpage because, like me, I believe that people would rather click on a graphic then read some text.
The graphic will take you to my other website. There you will find out about my interest and concern in the issues involving Vietnam Veterans, in particular this country's POW/MIA's.
I belong to an organization called "Operation Just Cause". It is a group of people dedicated to bringing home our men from the Vietnam War still listed as Missing In Action or Prisoner of War.
I became a member of Operation Just Cause a few months ago after visiting The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page. That is where I found a link to the main page of Operation Just Cause.
I adopted a POW/MIA and devoted a webpage to him. I also visited a website that took me back to the 60's, to the "Vietnam Era". This site made me realize that many years had gone by and not once in all those years did I think about this country's Vietnam Veterans.
If you grew up during that turbulent decade and you remember, please visit the links listed below and get involved. This cause is very important to me.

List of Links for Operation Just Cause and Related Issues

Operation Just Cause:
A place where you can adopt an MIA/POW

Operation Just Cause Switchboard:
The place to get started on dedicating a page to your adopted MIA

A Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page:
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page-Search for a name on the Wall

"Operation Just Cause"-Welcome to the Meadow Years:
"The Meadow of Wildflowers Period of American History"

Col. Ted W. Guy S.R.O. Welcome Home:
Take a journey to the Hanoi Hilton & attached villas

Chuck's Military Page:
A page dedicated to a very special veteran. This page is a must see!

There are numerous links dedicated to this cause and you will find some of them on my websites, but the above links are the most important if you feel you would like to become a member of OPJC and adopt an MIA of your own. I have met so many special people by becoming involved in this most important issue. Please take a look at a new page I have put up after visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington DC on Veterans Day '97 by clicking HERE

I would now like to tell you a little bit about my other interests. I am a huge fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation. However, I did not watch the show when it first came on. I remember saying, "A Star Trek show without Captain Kirk? Please!" But after my husband and I were married, he began watching it and I tuned in to check it out. Now I love it! I like Deep Space 9 and Voyager too. And I love to debate with people about who is the best captain and which is the best crew.

Visit the official STAR TREK website.

Star Trek TM & Copyright 1996, 1997 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

I am also a big fan of the X-files and Millennium. I love to correspond with others about any or all of these shows. I will be building a page about my favorite things on both of these shows. In the meantime if you too are a fan of these shows, drop me a line.

Visit the Official X-files Website.

Visit the Official Millennium Website.

The X-Files TM and 1997 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

Millennium, Copyright, 1997, FOX Broadcasting Company

Click HERE for my X-files fan's page (brand new)

My favorite performers are Elton John and Billy Joel. I have been a fan of Elton John's for almost 30 years. I have saved every magazine and newspaper article ever written about him. I still have all of my Elton John 8-tracks. Can you tell I never throw anything away? I would love to discuss him with other Elton John fans out there.

Another thing I enjoy doing (as if you couldn't tell by now) is building webpages. I love browsing around the various webrings I am a member of and I love to get email (doesn't everyone?)

"Click on clover for Good Luck"

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I would like to say Thank You to the people that visited my site.