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Welcome to Mom's Place!

Would you Like to Visit my Other Webpages?
The following webpages are dedicated to my Adopted POW's. I have also included the URL's for Information and Links regarding adopting POW's and Operation Just Cause.

He Is Remembered
Samuel Franklin Walker, Jr.

America's Unsung Heroes
Daniel Raymond Phillips

Don't Forget our Vietnam Veterans
Carlos Ashlock

Someone Needs an Angel
Herbert Arthur Kirk

Someone is Waiting to Come Home
William Walters

Why Didn't He Come Home?
Walter Melvin Pierce

He is Somebody's Son
Donald Richard Kemmerer

Links and Information about Operation Just Cause and our POW/MIA's

OJC Adopt Page
This page will explain what adopting a POW means and what Operation Just Cause is all about.
OJC Build a Page
After adopting a POW, if you need help building a page for him, this site is a great help.
Operation Just Cause Moonduster Chronicles
This is a Newsletter with information and announcements regarding the POW/MIA issue.
Operation Just Cause Webring
After dedicating your page to your adopted POW, you can join the OJC webring.
Operation Just Cause Government Contact Page
One of the ways to fight for our POW/MIA's, is to write to our Government Officials to see what is being done. This page has a list of addresses for your representatives.
Operation Just Cause Switchboard
This is the main page for OJC. There is plenty of information and help for whatever you need to know about Operation Just Cause.
Operation Just Cause Website Rememberance Award
This is an award you may apply for after joining the OJC Webring. Click to find out what the requirements are for this award.

My Other Webpages
These are my other webpages. If you choose to take a look at them, I hope you find something that interests you. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to email me:

This is a page dedicated to the men from the "City of Brotherly Love"

My Home
This is the page that tells about me and my interests. I have a list of interesting links to visit there also.

My Visit To The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
This is a page I put up after my first visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
in Washington, DC on Veterans Day 1997.

My Writing Page
This is my page for sharing advice, ideas, and information with other writers like myself.

Wall Rubbings Page
I put up a page with Wall Rubbings of the names of some of my adopted POW's from my visit that day. who were Killed in Action, Prisoner of War or Missing in Action from the Vietnam War.